Matrix Showcases the Unknown

History of Design is punctuated by stories of talents that couldn’t reach the fame. Were they unlucky? Their ideas where too advanced or came too early? Were they capturing the essence of their time together with many others, and couldn’t be acknowledged for a contribution to design innovation that was spreading all over?

Matrix International presents „EERO SAARINEN. The Organic Unit in Furniture Design“

Matrix International invites us to art-design reflections with the book Eero Saarinen The Organic Unit in Furniture Design, published by Gangemi. Paolo Portoghesi, architect and distinguished academic, signs the introduction of this essay by Massimo Imparato, art director of Matrix International.

Matrix Showcases: Pierre Chareau

A modern version of the 19th century „canapé à confident“, this settee was used in avant-garde film productions.

Arabesk: History of a Chair

We are proud to share a text by Folke Jansson on the history of his creation Arabesk.

Matrix, Thirty Years of Design

November 2014 – 30th Anniversary: Arabesk Collectors‘ Edition

Thank you for not smoking. Alternative ways of using an Ashtray

“Thank you for smoking” is the title of a well-known film that caused a stir some years ago, with its politically incorrect message. The protagonist Aaron Eckhart is a lawyer who defends the Tobacco Companies and smoking subsequently clashing with Anti-smoking Associations and Health Departments.

Selfie mania: viral fashion or just old fashioned narcissistic?

Before the event of the smartphone we spent more time in front of the mirror.

It’s a module, but you can’t see it

A standard part , fixed dimensions, that can be repeated infinite times, this is the definition of module. Numerous examples come to mind where modules are used in architecture and design.

A classical Sofa is for ever

We can go mad over the latest piece of design furniture and buy it without a second thought, or shop around dozens of show rooms, searching for a model that is comfortable, practical and to our taste.

All you need is a Wall

The inspiration for furnishing a new room can come merely from a simple, neutral element like a white wall. Our imagination can move faster than the fitter who comes to assemble the furniture and we visualize a well worked out patchwork of our beloved possessions.

Third spaces

Sick and tired of the usual rut: home-work, work–home? well “third spaces” are on the way.

The Magic of Design

There is no trickery and no deception, design manages to transform flat items into three-dimensional ones. There is no magic involved, but good careful planning. There is no need to start off with bulky material or be forced to assemble numerous component parts to each other, losing your wits in the instruction booklet, to obtain a three-dimensional article.

Graphic Design, a Universal Language

Matrix International has realized, for some time now, the importance of being able to communicate through drawings without the aid of further interpreter. Infact all the products in the Ultimate collection have been expressed in graphic icons, which sum up in a clear image, the style of each piece of furniture.

“Design” seen by a Graphic designer’s point of view

Lora Lamm creativity encourages us emulating her in the wish for summer decoration and to re-create an interior garden with some articles by MATRIX, as physical icons of the flourishing nature.