A classical Sofa is for ever

We can go mad over the latest piece of design furniture and buy it without a second thought, or shop around dozens of show rooms, searching for a model that is comfortable, practical and to our taste.

If we are lucky, after numerous shopping trips and frequently changing our mind we may find what we are looking for, but we are unsure, undecided and hesitant, nothing can reassure us more than a classical model. At first, our heart might beat fast for a particular design item, and no further explanation will be necessary. But if we have the slightest doubt a classic design piece is the right choise. The incoming models are part of the elite, of the so called “classics” they boast an everlasting style, they come up again and again in displays and shootings and are successfully matched with contemporary items. Therefore they are forever modern.

Companies, like Matrix International, that research into the reconstructing of the classics, concentrate on reproducing both original designs and materials. Therefore, we can be more than certain that the model purchased is true to its original and made with the best materials in commerce today.

The Ultimate Collection by Matix International includes both modern furniture and great classics from the past to make choosing easier. You can therefore find the classical sofas of Eero Saarinen SA 21 – SA 22 – SA 23, with square shaped section and structure in drawn chromium plated steel,from the single armchair to the two or three seat sofa. The wooden frame is covered with shaped foam which has a different density to the foam used for cushions to assure more comfort. The covering which is not removable can be chosen from a wide range of fabrics and colours which maintain the spirit of the model. The images in the catalogue show how the SA23 sofa can be integrated in a context with ethnic elements or in an apartment with clean modern lines. Which sofa of the SA selection and with what finishing touches would you fit into your living space?