All you need is a Wall

The inspiration for furnishing a new room can come merely from a simple, neutral element like a white wall. Our imagination can move faster than the fitter who comes to assemble the furniture and we visualize a well worked out patchwork of our beloved possessions.

The devoted book-worm is already thinking about the stacks of books, so many they will become a wall themselves, the cinophile doesn’t worry about the surroundings as long as there is a central place for a 60 inch tv. set, the stylist analyses cm. by cm matching the newest pottery vase to the wooden statues found at the last antiques market, the home loving mother dreams of a fireplace, set in the middle of the room etc. All these and infinite other compositions need only one simple, versatile piece of furnishing, a fitted out wall.

Matrix has purposely studied a system of shelves and containers to furnish a living space: STANDING OVATION The modular furnishing element has a deep base and top, perfect for containing the most varied objects, on the contrary, the vertical parts are slender and discreet and besides supporting the shelves , they subdivide the space equally.

Standing Ovation, is available, according to requirement, in various versions; the COSY version hosts in its centre a bioethanol fireplace, other versions have fitted drawers for cd’s and dvd’s. Its smart and very functional modern outline, allows you to play around with the shelves and containers, full and empty spaces, according to the various solutions, however your fancy takes you.

And that’s not all, starting off with a white wall, your imagination has ample range,but it can go wild if it has an empty room at hand. Standing Ovation doesn’t have to be against a wall, it can also be placed in the middle of a room as a divider. In this way, Standing Ovation can be used to create two separate areas in a loft or open space.

We have given you quite a few hints on how to use Standing Ovation now we waiting to know what you intend putting in it or how you will use it as a divider.